One of the main goals of Gólya is to operate a place that is based on the cooperation of the people surrounding the place. We are seeking to form alliances with organisations and groups that work towards the same goals as ours (written in our social mission). We'd like to host and support such projects, and if possible, we'd like to connect them and build mutually beneficial relationships between them. Above and beyond, we always welcome new ideas, initiatives that are to be realized in our base. If Gólya has caught your attention, you'd like to get to know our goals and mode of operation, and you'd like to do more here than drinking a beer, get in contact with us, get involved in the activities of the community.

We'd like to host cultural programs that are in harmony with our social mission and that are interesting/useful/instructive/exciting/entertaining. Film clubs, games, presentations, workshops, collective learning, playing music - we'd be happy to host such events for example.

If you'd like to organize something along these lines, please send a mail to: