THE CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! You can still help us during the project through the following ways:

Gólya moves
Why? We grew out of our current place (we are forced out of it too), and we would like to move to a building which is ours.

You can help us with:
– donation
The smallest donation is a huge help for us too. The easiest way to send money is through PayPal (the account is under the name of on of our members, Gergő Birtalan):
Alternatively, you can send it to this bank account number (IBAN):
HU07 16200223 10084265 00000000.
Receivers name: Szövetkezetiséget Támogató Egyesület
Bank name: MagNet Bank
We are looking for investors. If you could lend us a bigger amount of money please contact us.
We're grateful to have your help if you could help us with some kind of competence during the moving. 

Would be glad to hear from you! –