Gólya Community House and Cooperative operates based on a social mission. Its main economic activities are serving food and drinks, catering, and related services.

Our VISION is a society based on siblinghood, which is secured and sustained by the people, who commonly hold and exercise power as a whole, and live in love and acceptance toward one another.


The operation of Gólya is based on the cooperative, an organic system that is being developed using our own ideas and emotions. In the mark of siblinghood, it aims to:

  • teach its members in its particular Eastern-European environment to autonomously acquire and create knowledge for the community, which will be used on their commonly created system.
  • provide for the kind of needs of the membership that can be fulfilled in a communitarian way, such as nutrition, entertainment, education, etc.
  • relate to labor as a force of creation, a fruit-giving tree, rather than an alienated burden – the members are the owners, the control of the immediate part of production is in our hands.
  • make invested labor as a requirement for becoming a member, and share the profit that we produce based on invested labor.
  • even though Gólya has employees, we value member-worker positions higher than employee-worker positions, that is why our goal is to include as many workers into the bond of cooperative existence as possible.

At the time of the 2011 foundation of the predecessor of Gólya, the cooperative of Frisco Café, we set a goal to create an inclusive meeting point both for culture and community. We provide space to meet and to organize open events for people, groups, organisations and running programs who agree with the vision of Gólya and are interested in bringing it forward.

We want to make the community house a connecting point for our neighborhood. We want to create cooperation and alliances based on mutuality, build direct relationships with the people who live around us. On the grounds of Gólya we want to make place for iniatives that provide useful knowledge for their participants, and give the possibility to people to share their knowledge and opinions. Our goal is to exist in the locality, not just in our subculture.

In addition to all that, our goal is to aid in creating similar initiatives (in part by example and experiment), and to cooperate with similar organizations and communities; to form a network for helping each other and spreading our vision.