If you want to book a date for a gig, please send a mail to golyakoncert@googlegroups.com

If you are organizing a cultural, community or education event, or in fact anything besides private events or musical programmes, contact the community house working group: golya_kozosseg@googlegroups.com

If you’re writing on behalf of a supplier, please send a mail to Viktor Kis (sultetoy@gmail.com).

If you’re interested in the daycare service, please contact Ági Szalay (vetroiren@gmail.com).

About organizing an event such as a conference, birthday or a training, please contact the responsible working group: golyarendezveny@googlegroups.com).

Call us: during opening hours +36-1-78-555-68

Write us an e-mail: golyahaz@gmail.com

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address: Budapest | Bókay János u. 34. | 1083