COMMON NEST - The rooms that you can use in Gólya Community House and Pub

The multi-functional rooms of Gólya have become accessible:

  • FUSI Community Workshop
  • winter pavilion
  • courtyard (the heated, covered part)
  • L (the main room)

All of our rooms are getting more and more comfortable, which makes it possible for us to host and cater to a wide variety of activities, meetings, get-togethers, events. Our machine and tool arsenal is also growing over time. Our renewed Gilice Kitchen can cater to the most special diet needs and tastes.

We welcome all initiatives in our spaces that aim for individual or collective enjoyment, creating, practical activities or sharing knowledge and look for a place to do that.

The workshop can offer a solution if your problem is that an own space would be too big or to secluded, or not available at all, if you need a more useful space than your home, if you like DIY, but you don't have access to needed tools. The shared use of tools and workspace help the sustainability and accessibility of these, while they give opportunity to collect inspiration, exchange experiences, find cooperating partners in the common space.

We are actively looking for, organize and host open and closed events!

The available arsenal of tools and machines (that is constantly growing thanks to the community), materials, workspaces and services:


  • wifi
  • flipchart
  • wall chalkboard
  • beamer
  • sound equipment
  • tool storage space
  • bicycle storage space
  • the equipment of the FUSI Community Workshop:
    • industrial electricity
    • industrial sewing machine
    • clothes iron
    • chalkboards
  • promotion possibilites for cooperating partners/renters:
    • self-presentation on our Facebook page
    • placing your logo on the wall of Gólya
    • the advertisement of your open events in our channels
  • food and drinks:
    • café
    • pre-prepared and cooked meals
    • catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthdays, openings etc.)

Our prices:

We host events for free that are not incompatible with our mission, are open to the public, free to participate, and take place inside regular opening hours - after making contact and agreeing on details.

L (main room) max. ~80 persons, concerts, exhibitions, movie screenings, conferences, celebrations, presentations, large group discussions, community events: not possible to rent for closed event during opening hours, outside opening hours based on a deal specific to the event, minimum 20.000,-forints.

FUSI Community Workshop 15-25 persons, workshop, trainings, presentations, movie screenings, art studio: inside opening hours, depending on time period 1.000-4.000,-forints/hour, outside opening hours minimum 10.000,-forints/occasion.

Winter pavilion, courtyard 30-40 persons, concerts, exhibitions, movie screenings, other events:inside opening hours, depending on time period 1.000-4.000,-forints/hour, outside opening hours minimum 10.000,-forints/occasion.

Our prices are target prices - it is important for us that you would organize your programs at our place! And also, we'd like to continue to support movements and initiatives that don't have a budget on their own by providing space for them.